Water Rescue

Image of the Swift Water rescue team in action.

Modesto Fire Department is responsible for protecting over 60 miles of water ways, including the Stanislaus River, Tuolumne River, Dry Creek and numerous irrigations canals. To meet this challenge all personnel are trained and equipped to provide shore-based rescue. Additionally the department staffs 2 boats. Water Rescue 1 located at Station 1 and Water Rescue 12 located at Station 12. They are cross-staffed by the personnel at those stations. In addition to shore base rescue the personnel at Station 1 and 12 are trained to make in water victim contact rescues, and perform water rescue boat operations. The department supports law enforcement with searching for missing persons and evidence recovery.

Modesto Fire Department also has a Life Jacket Loan Program that provides members of the community the ability to borrow a life jacket for a day or a weekend. It is free to borrow the life jackets. Anyone 18 or older can complete the form. The department has child and adult sizes. This service is provided out of Station 1.

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