Automatic fire sprinkler systems are required to be installed in many buildings located in the areas served by the Modesto Regional Fire Authority (MRFA).

New and Existing Structures

Each fire district has its own individual amendments to 2010 California Fire Code (CFC) 903.2. Contact the appropriate agency for information about the requirements for a specific fire district.

Who to Contact

  • Fire code questions for all unincorporated areas of Stanislaus County and the cities of Hughson, Modesto, Newman, and Waterford should be referred to MRFA at (209) 571- 5553.
  • The cities of Ceres [(209) 538-5703], Oakdale [(209) 845-3660], Patterson [(209) 895-8130], and Turlock [(209) 668-5580] each operate their own fire department. Contact the Fire Prevention Division directly for assistance with all fire code questions within those cities.
  • The Stanislaus Consolidated Fire District should be contacted at (209) 869-7470 for assistance with all fire code questions within the City of Riverbank.

In the Fire Districts of Hughson, Keyes, Oakdale, Salida, Stanislaus Consolidated, and Turlock Rural

For isolated buildings or groups of buildings located in these Fire Districts where water is not available from a municipal water system a fire sprinkler system source of water meeting all of the following criteria shall be considered an acceptable alternative to a fire sprinkler source of water otherwise required by applicable NFPA Standards.

  • The required sprinkler demand (not including hose stream allowance) is provided by a hydro pneumatic tank for a minimum duration of 15 minutes. The tank may be pressurized by the domestic well pump and may serve both the fire and domestic supply but must have a tank equal to or greater than the calculated sprinkler demand.
  • A separate water storage tank or other approved water supply acceptable to the fire department is provided that is capable of providing an additional 30 minutes of sprinkler and hose stream demand (buildings classified as Group R-3 are exempt from this requirement).
  • The fire sprinkler system must be monitored by an approved monitoring company.

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