Salida Fire Protection District

In the middle 1920's, a hose cart was purchased by the Salida Exchange Club which carried 250 ft. of hose. It was housed in a shed centrally located in the community. At this time there were also 8 to 10 hydrants scattered throughout the community. In the event a fire occurred members of the community would drag the cart to the scene of the fire and attempt to control the blaze.

The Board of Directors of the Stanislaus County Mutual Fire Insurance Company appointed 5 men to organize a Volunteer Fire Department for the unincorporated area of Salida in 1942. These men would make up the Board of Directors for the new Department and the Stanislaus County Fire Insurance Company would provide a fire engine for the Department’s use. The only downfall to this set up was that if you had a fire and you were insured by their organization, their services were free of charge. However, a person serviced by the department who wasn't insured by their Company would be billed.

In September, 1955 the Salida Volunteer Fire Department was formed. It was formed as the community felt a fire district should be established as an arm of the County government. This type of special district would have the ability to levy a small tax to provide equipment and operating expenses and would function under the County Board of Supervisors. They appointed a five-member commission to supervise the business of the Volunteer Department. The original Commissioners appointed were Ray Abendschan, Chairman, Charles Wilder, Elvin DeBoer, J.E. Berlinger, and Harold Reinke.

In 1966 the Salida Volunteer Fire Department changed its name to what we know it as today, the Salida Fire Protection District. Currently the district is governed by five elected board of directors.

In 1980 Salida Firemen responded to 193 calls; 14 structure fires, 44 resuscitator, 13 vehicles, 39 grass, 22 vehicle, 39 miscellaneous and 22 false alarms.

In1989 John Brubaker became the first paid Fire Chief. In 1990 Assistant Chief Boyd was hired as the second paid employee. In 1991 Engineer Bowman was hired as the first 40 hour paid line suppression personnel. In 2003 the district went to 1 person 24 hour shifts, and in 2004 the district went to 2 persons 24 hour shifts.

In July 2011 Salida Fire Chief Dale Skiles and 8 line personnel merged with the City of Modesto Fire Department, and the Stanislaus County Fire Wardens Office to become the Modesto Regional Fire Authority.