Modesto Regional Fire Authority Patch History

The New Modesto Regional Fire patch was a work in progress for the departments first year. The work started shortly after the departments merged. The Departments Uniform/ PPE Committee have approved the basic shape, color and layout. The shape was mirrored after the County Fire Warden's and Modesto Fire patches. The lettering that surrounds the patch is actually unique too. The lettering is on the current Modesto Regional Fire T-shirt and is custom made letter by letter because it is not a standard font. All three departments (Modesto City, County Fire Warden's and Salida Fire Protection District) had a Maltese in the center of their patch but Chief Kraus wanted something unique in the middle of the Maltese to represent our new Department. We started by adding 3 stars to the top of the Maltese to represent the 3 founding agencies and the hard work it took to accomplish this task. Then we added the Established date to the bottom of the Maltese to signify the new beginning.

The center of the patch and our proposed department seal was made to reflect our service area; the Urban, Suburban, Farmland and Rural. Chief Kraus had a preliminary version made that we altered through months of collaboration with Engineer Nathan Damiano, and Captain Darin Jesberg . Both Darin and Nathan had previous experience with designing their past departments logos and t-shirts. Darin Jesberg made all of our continued changes on his personal computer and we are proud to own all of the original artwork for this new patch and logo. This new logo was used to make similar versions that are on department letterhead and our apparatus.

The new patch has the California and United States Flags crossed that was a very important visual part of the old Modesto Fire patch. The origin of the Modesto Fire Department patch dates back to 1983. After attending the National Fire Academy in Emittsburg Maryland, Fire Engineer Steven Whitehead brought home the concept of a Department patch. Input was received throughout the organization and a final prototype was selected. Steve lost his life in the "Line of Duty" fighting lung cancer in 1997. At the time of his passing, Steve was on the eligibility list for Fire Captain. He was posthumously promoted to this rank that same year. Modesto Firefighters are honored to wear this patch, not only representing the Community, State, and Country they serve, but representing the man who lost his life while protecting the citizens of our Community.

It is important to integrate some of the symbols and history of our old patches while still having a new patch to represent Modesto Regional Fire Authority. We believe this patch and logo represents both.

Modesto Fire Department Patch history

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