Fire Warden History

The Fire Wardens Office was broken into 3 Division’s including the Office of Emergency Services, Office of the Fire Warden, and the Office of the Fire Marshall.

Office of Emergency Services (OES): The Office of Emergency Services provides preparedness before, and coordination direction during, large-scale emergencies and disasters. OES coordinates with partner agencies including nine cities, special districts, and key private agencies in providing planning, response, recovery, and mitigation activities as a result of disaster related incidents.

Office of the Fire Warden (OFW): The Fire Warden supports and coordinates all public fire services agencies in the County, with an emphasis on special fire districts. Activities include fire prevention and plan review, fire investigation, training, and fire and rescue mutual aid management.

Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM): The Fire Prevention Bureau provides a wide range of fire prevention services to the unincorporated areas of Stanislaus County and the cities of Hughson, Newman, and Waterford.  Activities include fire code development, plan review, fire safety inspections, fire code enforcement, and investigating fire hazards.

In July 2011 Stanislaus Fire Warden Gary Hinshaw and the employees of the Fire Warden, Fire Marshall, and OES Office merged with the City of Modesto Fire Department and Salida Fire District to for the Modesto Regional Fire Authority.