The Administrative Division of the Modesto Fire Department is responsible for providing overall support to the agency through various functions. The Division serves as an advocate for the agency, its partners, employees, and the public. We work closely with our partner agencies to provide services including:

  • Finance - responsible for financial policies, cash management, accounting and budgeting, accounts receivable/accounts payable, payroll coordination, purchasing, and fixed asset program.
  • Human Resources- works with our partner agency to coordinate recruitments, hiring, employee relations and communications, light duty assignments, long range planning.
  • Facilities - oversees the day to day as well as long term needs of facilities throughout the agency, including 14 fire stations and our Administration Office.
  • Policy and Procedure Review - The three agencies that came together as Modesto Fire Department each had their own policies and procedures. Efforts are underway to review and revise those policies and procedures, as needed and appropriate, to meet the needs of the new agency.
  • Health and Safety - Ensures that we are in compliance with all rules, guidelines and laws pertaining to health and safety to protect our employees and provide a safe work environment.
  • Stores / Inventory - Stores-keeper and Station Runner ensure that supplies, inventory, and mail, necessary for the day to day operations of the organization, are purchased and distributed.
  • Administrative staff- Provides information and coordination throughout the agency, and facilitates meeting the needs of the public and our personnel.